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  1. Dr. Zachary White is an Assistant Professor of Communication. He received his Ph.D. in communication from Purdue University. His academic research and teaching focus on how people manage meaning and communicate their experiences amidst high levels of ambiguity. He has published and presented academic research addressing health communication as encountered by medical providers, informal caregivers, family members, and organizational employees. He teaches university courses at the graduate and undergraduate level addressing topics including provider-patient communication, health and illness narratives, digital health literacy, interpersonal communication and relationship development on and offline, online social support and disclosure, the management of health-related disclosures in the workplace, and sense making amidst life transitions.

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  • The Innovators of Care

    Technology has become synonymous with innovation.  And innovation, unfortunately, has become reducible to Silicon Valley technology—ignoring the possibility that human [...]

  • We Need Our Own Sirens

    You feel alone. Exhausted. Calm one moment and overwhelmed the next. Certain that you could never have prepared for what [...]

  • The Caregiver's Resolution

    Amidst the hangover of guilt that spills over from broken promises only days into the new year, remember that we [...]

  • Recipes for Connection

    This holiday season, let’s bring something other than food and spirits.  Prior to gathering together with friends and family, there [...]

  • When Interruption Finds You

    Interruption finds us all, eventually—even though we spend much of our lives acting as if it won’t.  Even though life’s [...]

  • Side Effects of Competition

    ’Tis the season of competition.  This season, in particular, everyone is preoccupied with competition because it seemingly reveals character and [...]

  • A Letter to Family and Friends

    This is a letter you’ll never receive but it’s something that those closest to you may be thinking and feeling [...]

  • Caring Without Status

    Ever wonder why caregiving gets so little attention and informal caregivers like you are so often underappreciated? Some of the [...]

  • The Fear of Private Speaking

    Few of us like being the center of attention. As we stand apart from others, in front of others—our bodies [...]

  • The Company We Keep

    Our most important life decisions aren’t about what we do.  They are about who we focus our attention, efforts, time, [...]

  • I’m Not Where I Thought I’d Be

    At some point, everyone utters the phrase—I’m not where I thought I’d be—privately to themselves.  Some of us, however, are [...]

  • Memories—Not Selfies

    It was the way she smiled back at me that I froze in my mind.  Hollowed cheeks and bald head [...]

  • Inside Out

    They’d walk by, leisurely pushing baby strollers enjoying the late summer nights.  Some would run by.  Neighbors would walk within [...]

  • Who Is Your Care Crew?

    We don’t think twice about insurance anymore—car insurance and health insurance are musts in our lives. But we also need [...]

  • So You Feel Burn-Out, Now What?

    The favorite pastime in contemporary culture isn’t basketball, football, hockey, or baseball.  The favorite pastime is looking forward. Everyone looks [...]

  • Our Caregiving Moment

    There are moments and then there are moments that don’t pass by us as much as they pass through us.  [...]

  • Caregiving Gets So Little Attention

    Some of the more significant transitions in contemporary life—from getting into college to landing a job—are composed of life-long dreams, [...]

  • A Different Kind of Relationship

    Not all relationships are created equal.  Engaging in a friendship relationship is different than a romantic relationship, which is distinct [...]

  • The Slow-Care Movement

    In almost every context of contemporary life, people are in a rush.  There are so many things to do and [...]

  • You Need Recognition Too!

    It’s one of those experiences that will happen, no matter how much we don’t want it to occur or how [...]

  • “I Need My Space!”

    You are stressed. Overwhelmed. Can’t sleep even though you are exhausted. And your patience level is at an all-time low. [...]

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