Because I Care

#Because I Care

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November 5th through 11th is Caregiver’s week in Quebec. We wish it was caregivers week everywhere but alas there is no consensus from province to province on when we celebrate caregivers. Maybe it’s fitting. Caregivers never stop, so why should the week in which we honor them.

But what would honor them really mean? Can we once and for all bring the story of care to bear on the collective consciousness of all Canadians from coast to coast. Frequency should never lead us to complacency – we have to keep telling all of OUR stories – the story of why we care, how we care, and where care leads us good and bad.

In acknowledgment of the right of every caregiver to be heard and seen, we’re starting a new campaign called #BecauseICare and we want you to join us. A campaign to bring every single Canadian caregiver into the public eye. A celebration of every needle carrying, bath-time making, medication-reminding, wheelchair-pushing, relief-seeking Canuck who rises and falls, sometimes very hard, with the life of a loved one very squarely in their hands.

We know, it can be scary to talk about a sick loved one. Rest assured, you’re not alone – many caregivers are riddled with shyness and fear. If you need it, you have it – the permission to feel vulnerable and scared about the experience set before you. This day and every day hence we’re making vulnerable the new strong.

So, in this week of care, let’s start by sharing our stories and giving permission to others to do the same.

Use #BecauseICare when sharing about your care journey. Ask another caregiver you know to join you, until all 8 million stories are told.

In honor of this momentous campaign, let me be the first in line:

#BecauseICare I learned that confidence is not always knowing what to do, it’s knowing that something must be done.

That’s my care truth, these are OUR care stories. What’s yours? #BecauseICare…

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About the Author

Mark Stolow , President and CEO, The Caregiver Network

Mark is a seasoned social entrepreneur and change marketer. He co-founded The Caregiver Network, the largest caregiver learning network in the country, and helped to shape the Canadian caregiver agenda through policy and program development, research, and breakthrough communications initiatives. / Mark est un entrepreneur social expérimenté et un marketeur de changement. Il a co-fondé le Réseau aidant, le plus grand réseau d’apprentissage pour les proches aidants du pays, et a aidé à façonner la mise en valeur des proches aidants Canadiens à travers l’élaboration de divers programmes et politiques de recherche, et d’initiatives de communications innovantes.

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