Caring for those who care

Caring For Those Who Care

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For more information: Contact Mark Stolow at

Caring For Those Who Care Is a documentary-style web series focused around creating awareness among the public about the challenges and triumphs experienced by caregivers and giving back to these individuals who give so much of their time and energy to others.

Each episode begins with a voice over from our hosts describing the work our featured caregiver does and telling their story of how they found themselves in this caregiver role to begin with. Our team will then pay the caregiver a visit, revealing a surprise specially tailored to them and providing them with a well-deserved moment of respite.

Immersing viewers in the unique lives of these caregivers we’ll see the challenges and rewards that come from their efforts before ending on a call to action with a two-fold purpose: to remind caregivers of the importance of self-care as well as to introduce viewers to Huddol so they can connect with the caregivers being profiled in the series and encourage them to become better informed of the resources available to them. This will allow each episode to evolve from creating awareness to providing actionable next steps for viewers.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for caregivers from all walks of life. Caregivers must be fluent in English and available for 1 full shoot date and one half day. The first day will involve our camera crew documenting a day in the life of our featured caregiver and conducting an interview with them (approx 1 hr). The ½ day (approx 2-4 hours) will involve the caregiver receiving a surprise gift (approx value $1000) from our host as a gesture of thanks and something to help provide caregivers with a small thank you for all that they do.

Our crew will travel to each featured caregiver and provide meals throughout the day of filming. Our filming style is non-intrusive and more focused on capturing special moments rather than creating a full on production.

Filming is scheduled to begin August 8, 2017 in Montreal and Vancouver.

For more information: Contact Mark Stolow at

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About the Author

Mark Stolow , President and CEO, The Caregiver Network

Mark is a seasoned social entrepreneur and change marketer. He co-founded The Caregiver Network, the largest caregiver learning network in the country, and helped to shape the Canadian caregiver agenda through policy and program development, research, and breakthrough communications initiatives. / Mark est un entrepreneur social expérimenté et un marketeur de changement. Il a co-fondé le Réseau aidant, le plus grand réseau d’apprentissage pour les proches aidants du pays, et a aidé à façonner la mise en valeur des proches aidants Canadiens à travers l’élaboration de divers programmes et politiques de recherche, et d’initiatives de communications innovantes.

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