Creating Holiday Bliss for Yourself

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The Holiday Season is around the corner! Time for doing too many things at once, gifting, spending and taking care of many others. Does that sound like you? Is your head spinning already?

Before you care about anyone else, take some time for yourself and think about how you would like to celebrate the Holiday Season. How about doing the Holidays your way, your style, without the stress of making everyone happy? It’s possible!

Create a clear picture in your mind of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, your shopping experience, how the family dinner will look like, how the house will be decorated and how you will sparkle.

Make sure you don’t stop your imagination by believing that “it isn’t going to happen” or by distracting yourself with the “I don’t know how that would be received”- scenario.

Dream and create Holiday Bliss for yourself. Once you’re clear on your dream, it’s time to make a plan.

Here’s a short list of things that you can do differently and create a wonderful Holiday experience for yourself and your family:

  • Do it together and share the love: have a family meeting and share your plan for the Holidays, including your budget. Think together of making a donation to a good cause rather than spending it all on gifts & food and new clothes.
    Everyone can take on some tasks and responsibilities, it’s much more fun as a team.
    Write out a list of things that need done and by when, and let everyone pick and choose. Then value each other’s actions. Remember: throw “being perfect” out the door, “good enough” is awesome!
  • Spend wisely: it’s totally fine to limit the amount of money you wish to spend on food, decorations, gifts and travels. Let your family know. Don’t overwhelm yourself by wanting to spoil others while draining your bank account and going for the headaches in January when the bills come in.
    Pay cash or debit. Avoid shopping online via your credit card. Track your spending so you don’t overspend. Ask your spouse to do the same and keep all the receipts in one folder.
  • Support your community: make it an effort to shop local. Donate to the foodbank. Attend a community event with your family. Share love and feel connected.
  • Be your own fashionista: before you “shop till you drop” because you believe you may look better in something new, check your closets and find that beautiful dress that looks stunning on you, add your favorite accessories! Or gift yourself a new scarf to go with your dress.
    The time that you save you can spend on a little luxury… treat yourself on a spa-treatment in your own bath-tub.
  • Saying “no” without feeling guilty: especially during this season it is important that you stick to what you can do and what not. And deep in your heart you know what you want, and what not. Stay healthy by acknowledging your own feelings and intuition and set your boundaries.
    Be realistic: don’t say yes, when you mean “no”, stand in your own power. You can’t do it all.
    There is nothing that you SHOULD do.
  • Simple Holiday Gifts: going to a Holiday party? Bring a homemade gift. It’s fun to make a pot of your most favorite soup, divide it over mason jars and gift it with a beautiful card. You may be different but for sure it will be appreciated. And of course you can freeze the rest for a cold winter day.
  • Do less and enjoy the bliss! Take care of your own calendar and plan lots of time for yourself: fun time and relaxation time. You really don’t have to go out 4 nights a week if you don’t feel like it or because others expect you to. Listen to your intuition when it comes to making decisions. It is perfectly fine to hang out on the couch in your PJ’s with a book and a hot chocolate when you feel like it.
    Reduce the stress by focusing more on what’s important for you and less on what others think you should be doing or having. Maybe you’re longing for an extra day off work… go for it!

Aim for sharing lots of love and laughter with your precious family.

Happy Holidays!

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Saskia Jennings

Saskia Jennings is a true Catalyst for Midlife Bliss™: Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Empowering Speaker & Intuitive Healer, who is whole-heartedly dedicated to help Business Professionals in midlife establish caregiving excellence for themselves and their parents. She recently created “The Caregiving Circle”. Saskia helps you to transform your Midlife Burnout into Midlife Bliss™! As a certified professional caregiver of 9 years, she has worked with many seniors and their family. Saskia is always admired for her gentle, supportive, effective and transformative work with her clients. When she walks in the door, she lights up the room and magic happens…

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