Care Better Together

A Breakthrough in Family Caregiver Support

As a vital member of Caregiver Network community, we want to extend a special invite to introduce you to our new caregiver support network Huddol.

Learn about how we are using Huddol to help you:

  • Connect to health care professionals who can answer important care questions;
  • Discover other caregivers like you who are on a similar path;
  • Benefit from information on a broad range of health conditions;
  • Find and access public and private resources to help you and the person in your care.

This will be a guided web tour, taking you step by step through the sign-up process and the features that will help you get the most out of your Huddol experience.

  1. Mark Stolow co-founded The Caregiver Network. As the CEO of Huddol, he continues his lifelong journey to make sure every caregiver has access to the best possible support.

  1. Manon Schalk is the Community Manager at Huddol, guiding and supporting caregivers through the online community experience.

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