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Acute Care for Caregivers

In today’s world we hear a lot about disaster planning and preparing for events we hope will never happen.  A visit to Acute Care can feel like a disaster but with a bit of a road map and groundwork, it doesn’t have to.  This webinar will help you think about a possible visit to the Emergency Department and/or an admission into Acute Care.  It will explore some of the difficulties commonly experienced and how they might be addressed.

Join Wendy Johnstone, a Gerontologist who supports caregivers on Vancouver Island as a contractor with Family Caregivers of BC and through her own business in this noon hour webinar.  It will cover topics from what to have ready to take with you to the ED; how to interact with health care providers, who to talk to and when; how to advocate for your care recipient without being labelled a pest, and how to work with acute care staff for the best discharge possible.

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  1. Wendy has a Masters degree in Gerontology and over 20 years of experience working with family caregivers and seniors. In addition to her work with the Family Caregivers of BC, Wendy runs her own company in the Comox Valley called Keystone Elder Care Solutions.

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