Adapted Travel in Quebec and Elsewhere in the World!

Planning and preparing for a trip is a good opportunity to break away from the daily routine which can be at times burdensome. Traveling is also an excellent way to be exposed to other realities, to relax, get to know other people, to go beyond our limits and face new challenges. You will also come back with interesting stories and wonderful memories.

To take full advantage of your vacation it’s important to keep a positive attitude. With careful planning and a good knowledge of your rights and knowing ahead of time of the services that are offered helps in avoiding problems and ensures a great trip.

However, vacationing isn’t all that easy when traveling with a loved one with a physical disability. This learning event is designed to explain the services available worldwide for adapted travel.

To help you better plan your next trip the following points will be discussed:

  • Services offered by Keroul
  • The search tools and reservations available:
  • Transportation
  • Lodgings
  • Activities
  • Travel in Quebec and abroad
  • Savings and discounts

Isabelle Ducharme, President of the board of directors at Kéroul, will be presenting a conference on adapted travel for people with reduced mobility. Ms. Ducharme is a tetraplegic and even though she’s in a wheelchair she still loves to travel, enjoys cultural outings and gastronomic experiences.

  1. Ms. Ducharme is Chairman of the Board at Kéroul, a Quebec based organization who’s mission is to make tourism and culture more accessible for persons with limited physical abilities. She is also an Administrator on the Board of Directors at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.