Mental Health

Anger, Guilt and the Family Caregiver

Do you ever feel anger toward your life situation; irritated about being the only one to care for your loved one? Do you feel angry about your loved one’s health condition? Do you feel guilty about your anger? Do you feel guilty about living a healthy life when your loved one is ill? Anger and guilt are some of the most common emotions experienced by caregivers. Sometimes the challenges of providing care become overwhelming. Frustration, fatigue and resentment can lead to feelings of guilt and anger.

In this webinar, we will identify some of the reasons for those unwanted feelings. Register to this learning event to discover:

  • The major signs that we are “bottling up” our emotions
  • Effective coping skills whilst providing care to our loved ones.
  • The top 10 timely tips to manage our emotions so you can feel better in your skin and provide the best care for your loved one.

Remember you can only provide the best care when you take care of yourself first.

There will be plenty of time to discuss your situation and which specific resources can help you!