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Bouncing Back: Resiliency in Caregiving

As a caregiver it can be a challenge  to manage the many aspects of care.  What gives you the strength to continue and how can you improve your ability to “bounce back”?  How do you retain your resiliency?

This webinar will look at defining resiliency and the various aspects of self care.  We will review various means of improving your resiliency and look at 6 coping skills, including grounding exercises and ways to manage intrusive thoughts and patterns of worry.  Join Maureen Grant for a lively and thoughtful discussion and come away with some new strategies and ways of looking at your caregiving role.

The presentation will be followed by a question/answer period.

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  1. Maureen Grant has been working with seniors since she started her Social Work practice in 1981. She worked in Home and Community Care programs for 24 years in a variety of management and front line positions and has a wide range of experience in Acute Care including Mental Health, Specialized Geriatric Services, Brain Injury Programs, Complex Care and Rehabilitation. Maureen has been writing articles, teaching workshops and doing webinars and presentations on senior’s issues for the Family Caregivers of BC for the past 11 years.


  1. Hello,

    I am very interested in participating in this webinar; however, I will be unable to attend. I am wondering if and when it will be available to view afterwards?

    Thank you!!


    • Hi suinman,

      Great question. Yes, this event is designed for any caregiver who needs some help improving their resiliency, no matter who they are caring for.

      We hope you will join us for the webinar!

      Thank you,

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