Where to Draw the Line: Boundary setting for caregivers

Sometimes we have to take the time and ask ourselves “where do I draw the line” when it comes to caregiving. It is important to take a step back and evaluate where our caregiving boundaries lie.

This learning event is designed to help caregivers understand how to respect and set boundaries when it comes to caring for a loved one. Participants will benefit from communication skills that will help them set ground rules between them and their care recipient. This will help avoid conflict in their vulnerable relationships.

In this learning event participants will also discover:

  • Why patterns of guilt and resentment often arise in their caring relationships;
  • How to diminish these feelings by adjusting their boundaries;
  • How to identify their own needs and feelings through self-awareness and breathing exercises;
  • How to take care of yourself in times of conflict or high stress.

There will be a question period after this presentation.


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  1. Jodie McDonald is the Executive Director of the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society, a non-profit organization providing specialized services to caregivers, and formerly a consultant with Family Caregivers of BC. Jodie has a BA in Anthropology and Women’s Studies from McGill, a BSW from Laurentian University, and an MSW specializing in Community Development from Dalhousie. As a Registered Social Worker in BC, she has over 20 years experience in the non-profit sector, and has worked in crisis and suicide intervention, family support, and mental health. Jodie teaches at Vancouver Island University, and is also an Integrative Body Psychotherapist in private practice.