There is Power in Your Purpose: Creating a network of caregiver allies

Do you ever feel your voice isn’t being heard as a family caregiver? Do you think the health care system doesn’t fully acknowledge your health care experience as you support a family member or friend? Advocacy is the power to put your thoughts, needs, and wishes into actions. When a caregiver learns to advocate, they can improve the health and welfare for themselves and the person in their care.

Advocating for your rights will allow you to get more care and create greater opportunities for access to life supporting treatment, therapies and help. Your voice has the power to create a powerful and positive ripple effect on everyone around you.

This three-part online learning series is designed to help caregivers find that voice and become powerful changemakers.

In session 3, caregivers will learn that becoming an advocate doesn’t need to be a solitary exercise. We will explain why you should build your own advocacy network along with who to include and where to look for members.

You will also learn:

  • What roles members of your network can play in advocacy;
  • How to tailor your advocacy tools to your intended audience how to create a powerful “ask”;
  • How to match members of your network with your tools and intended audience;
  • How to use social media to build, grow and sustain your network;
  • How to build your advocacy engagement plan around your network;
  • Huddol’s role in connecting caregiver advocate networks .

Here are some key resources to help you along your advocacy journey:

Advocacy Key Message Development Worksheet 

Telling Your Personal Story How To Guide

Advocacy Meeting Flow Outline

After the event, on September 20 at 12pm (EDT), you can LIVE CHAT with our advocacy specialist Ryan Clarke. You can ask questions to our experts, meet other caregivers and deepen your knowledge on how to get what you want and need.

Click HERE to join the #advocate4care community and be a part of the free LIVE CHAT experience.

  1. Ryan Clarke is the Founder and President of Advocacy Solutions, a business committed to providing a voice to organizations and individuals through the development and implementation of impactful advocacy strategies that influence change. Since founding the practice in 2003, Ryan has spoken about advocacy across Canada and internationally, teaching and training thousands of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others how to make their voices heard. Ryan's unique approach to advocacy has been shaped by his decades of experience in legal practice, government and industry. Through his specialized training and proprietary tools, Ryan works with a wide range of healthcare stakeholder groups to enhance their capacity as effective advocates. Contact info:, 416-919-9532

  1. Joanne Koskie is a communications expert who recently joined Advocacy Solutions as Managing Director, bringing with her more than two decades of experience in healthcare public relations. Joanne advises her clients in industry and the not-for-profit sector in all aspects of traditional and digital communications, with a focus on stakeholder relations, public awareness and engagement, and advocacy. Joanne’s expertise is enhanced by roles directing communications for two national patient advocacy organizations in arthritis and mental health, and by her work in many other disease areas. She has worked closely with Ryan Clarke for many years supporting advocates to expand their capacity as communicators and base of support for an array of healthcare issues. Contact info:, 416-400-6352