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Mindfulness practices for caregivers

Being a caregiver takes a lot of energy.  Would you believe that some of the energy you so badly need to just get through each day is being wasted?  It is being used up by your busy mind, pulling you this way and that, to deal with old fears, opinions and assumptions that have nothing to do with what you are actually being called upon to do.  This same internal chatter is also drowning out your intuition and natural wisdom.  It hides from you, the place of inner calm where you can truly rest and rejuvenate.   Believe it or not, that quiet place is always there, waiting for you to notice it.

Join Patricia Boham, Ph.D., RN, Caregiver, as she shares what she has learned as a psychologist, long time meditator and most important, full time caregiver.  She has developed short, user-friendly exercises to help you recognize how your busy mind is taking you away from your quiet, wise self, and from the person you are caring for, and you.    Her own experience motivated her to find ways to shift into the present moment, often called mindfulness, throughout the day.  She knows your time is valuable, so will share practical skills that you will be able to integrate into your daily life.  Her goal is to not only help you as a caregiver, but to help you to recover the sense of self that you need now and in the future.

  1. Patricia Boham has had several careers.  She began in Toronto as an RN and in her 30’s earned an MA and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. With her husband, Will Scofield, she practiced private clinical psychology for over 25 years in addition to teaching at the University level. Pat is also a long time meditator and has synthesized her psychological training and experience with her years of meditation into a mindfulness practice. Now as a caregiver for her husband Will, Pat brings us her insights into caregiving through a mindful lens.


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