Caregiving: Benefits and Pitfalls

This session is intended for Caregivers, Patients, Professionals, Members of the General Public

This engaging webinar will focus on sharing caregiving experiences from those who understand it best—caregivers!

Everyone’s caregiving journey is unique. Hear about 2 caregiver perspectives:

  • Luzan is a caregiver to her mother, who is physically impaired and experiences delerium. In addition, she is a mother to small children and works outside the home.
  • Nicole  is a mother of a 5 year old child with complex medical needs.   Nicole has done great work being an advocate and doing her best to help others that may be walking in her shoes.   She works outside of the home as well.

These caregivers are surviving and thriving in part due to certain strategies that they have developed over the years. Come learn about their successful journeys. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and, if time permits, share your own stories.

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