Coach Caregiver - Communicating in Difficult Discussions

Family Caregivers of BC is debuting its second “Coach Caregiver” webinar: a new, dynamic and interactive format to discuss “real life” caregiving situations.

Register for our next webinar on Communicating in Difficult Discussions November 24th, 2016. Jodie McDonald, a Registered Social Worker is trained in the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) technique will illustrate how to apply the NVC technique to caregiver situations. Non-Violent Communication is a tool that allows us to speak from the point of view of feelings and needs instead of judgments and accusations. The quality of conversations – particularly challenging ones when we are in conflict with someone or need to ask for something – improve dramatically when using this technique. Caregivers often have to advocate for their loved ones and for themselves.  They have to ask questions, challenge ideas, make alternative suggestions, express disagreement, or simply ask to be heard and respected.  Caregivers are often in the position of having to ask for help that they wish they didn’t need.  Caregivers may also have to express their disagreement with a physician, or tell a nurse the homecare plan she set up for them isn’t going to work.  In all of these situations, NVC can give caregivers more confidence to assert their views and express their needs, leading to more satisfying conversations with both with family members and health professionals alike. If you’ve ever had the experience of going without what you need because you’re afraid to ask or challenge someone, or if you find that difficult conversations can escalate quickly, NVC will be a useful tool for you.

We are excited about using this format to include the voice of family caregivers and provide coaching opportunities for all webinar attendees.  We hope it generates a good discussion and takeaways for all participants.

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  1. Jodie McDonald is a consultant with FCBC in addition to being the Executive Director of the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society, an instructor at Vancouver Island University and an Integrative Body Psychotherapist in private practice. Over the past 20 years, Jodie has worked in crisis intervention, family support, mental health and community development in a variety of roles and programs. Jodie is a dedicated and passionate educator and connector, matching big picture thinking and planning to the needs of individual people.


  1. Good communication skills is top of my agenda. I have been angry in the past and unfortunately is has not lead to good outcomes. I desperately need to be an advocate for myself (age 72) and others around me.

  2. HI there, I am looking forward to the “Coach Caregiver” Communicating in Difficult Discussions course. I have never participated in a webinar before, so I hope this works out.

    Thank again,

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