Informed Decision Making for Caregivers

This session is intended for Caregivers

Making an informed decision is something that everyone faces at one point or another. As a family caregiver, you may be asked by someone you care for to help them make an important decision about their treatment or living situation, you might have to make your own decisions about how to best support the person you are caring for, or you might need to make decisions related to your own health or well-being.

Join us for a 90 minute webinar to discuss an approach for better decision making using the BRAIN worksheet. The BRAIN worksheet is a practical tool that breaks informed decision making down into Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, and Next steps.

In this webinar we’ll review the basics of decision making and how to use the BRAIN worksheet to develop a clear understanding of options and make decisions consistent with an individual’s values.

A question period will follow the presentation.

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  1. Bernice Johansen is a registered nurse who feels privileged to have worked with First Nations communities for more than 20 years. Bernice has a special interest in chronic disease self-management support skills and is passionate about helping others to develop their skills and enhance partnerships with the people they care for.


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