Health Care

The Future of Digital Health for Health Care Consumers

Telemedicine uses telecommunications technology to provide clinical health care at a distance. Founded in 2006, the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is one of the largest digital health networks in the world and consists of 600 members including all public hospitals, clinics, family health teams, nursing stations, medical schools, First Nations communities and long-term homes. This is important to caregivers as OTN provides access to care to people living in rural and remote communities that lack speciality care. It decreases the rate of hospital admissions.

This engaging webinar will focus on:

  • Enhanced understanding of telemedicine and its role in health care
  • Understanding of what is available in telemedicine in Ontario
  • Telemedicine and mental health: psychiatric appointments, healthcare team meetings, Big White Wall
  • How telemedicine helps family caregivers

Big White Wall uses telemedicine to assist people suffering from mental health issues. This is an online community of members who help each other and share what’s troubling them in a safe and anonymous environment. The site is monitored by clinically trained “Wall guides” who are on-line 24/7. In addition caregivers can connect with others who are experiencing similar mental health issues to gain support and advice.

Come learn about how telemedicine and the Big White Wall can help you!

A question period will follow the presentation.