Caregiving Without Worrying: When your Loved One Lives at a Distance

This learning event is for those who are caregiving from a distance and for those who are caregiving and not living with their care.

When you don’t live with your loved one who you are caring for it can bring on a lot of worry about how they are really doing. Are they eating? Is the forgetfulness memory loss to be concerned about or just something that everyone experiences from time to time?  Conversations can become more like an interrogation into the health and well being of your loved one.  This can strain the relationship and end up with everyone feeling not heard and respected.

During this webinar you will discover tips and strategies you can use to put your mind at ease. You will learn how to enjoy talking about every day things with your loved one, and not be stressed about checking in on them.  We will explore various options about the best questions to ask so that you get the information you need to provide the best care and guidance on certain decisions about their care.  You will discover some key components to positive communication to help minimize family stress and conflict so that there is more ease with the overall care of your loved one.

A question period will follow the presentation.

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  1. Lorna Scott found her passion helping others discover their own inner power and special gifts. During her personal transition and transformation following the death of her husband, she became passionate about the plight of the caregiver. She is now a “caregiver from a distance” for her 87 mom and step-dad, who live 7 hours away. She is the author of the best selling book, Walking the Journey Together … Alone, Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Middle of the Sh** and has helped many caregivers learn how to be aware of subtle changes they can make that will take them off autopilot and get back into the driver’s seat of their life. She is the creator of Conscious Caregiving Programs and the owner of The Caregiver’s Lighthouse. Scott lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada where she enjoys playing flute in the community band, attending Toastmasters and spending time with her family, especially the three loves of her life – her three grandsons and her faithful dog Pepper.

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