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The Importance of Recognizing and Ending Workplace Bullying

This week’s guest on Caregivers’ Circle, Sherry Lee Benson Podolchuk, former RCMP officer, author and advocate discusses workplace bullying and how to address it.

While driving to work you feel your stomach in knots. You are trying to believe that today will be different. You visualize yourself entering the office, smiling and warmly greeting everyone. You sit down at your desk, boot up your computer and get your day underway. But deep down you know that your day won’t be so smooth. Your colleagues will make snide comments under their breath or even boldly to your face. They think it’s funny to make fun of your gender, or your work, or your mannerisms, or anything about you as a person. Your boss tries to intimidate you into doing what she wants, despite you knowing that what she is requesting is unethical or inappropriate. You try to laugh along all the while slowing dying inside feeling the burn of humiliation.

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