Money and Finances

Financial Facts and Tips for Caregivers

Becoming a caregiver is not something we typically plan for a long time in advance. And some of the responsibilities we assume have financial implications for ourselves, the care recipient and possibly our families.

The current system of financial supports available in British Columbia consists of various federal and provincial programs and tax breaks. How these programs and tax breaks apply to individual caregivers is dependent on the caregiver / care recipient situation but it is good to know some basics.

In this webinar we will outline information on current financial supports available and use some common scenarios to illustrate. We are very fortunate to have two panelists for this webinar, both of whom have expertise in financial trouble shooting for caregivers.

WE INVITE YOU TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE We will try to address during the webinar in addition to questions posed at the time.

  1. Shelby Parkinson has been a Liberty Tax Service franchise owner since 2009. She owns 3 offices in Victoria. She keeps up-to-date on tax matters through continuing professional education. Shelby is active in the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and works with a number of local organizations including the March of Dimes, Victoria Grizzles Hockey Team and Young Life. Before joining Liberty Tax Service, she worked at a number of non- profit organizations across Canada.

  1. Carol Pickup is a retired RN and currently the Coordinator of a Seniors Entitlement Service in a local Victoria non-profit. Carol has years of experience in the public arena including serving as an Alderman and Councilor in the municipality of Saanich on Vancouver Island. She has served on many committees and boards and is a volunteer at Hospice Victoria. In her current role Carol continues to advocate for seniors and is a source of knowledge and experience in the area.

  1. Salina Dewar is a Tax Advocate with Disability Alliance BC (DABC). She helps people who receive Persons With Disabilities (PWB) or Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers to employment (PPMB) assistance file their income tax returns so they can access the tax benefits they’re entitled to. She also assists with clients’ applications for the Disability Tax Credit. Salina practiced family law for a few years before shifting to work that is closer to her heart. She is a lifelong learner with a commitment to human rights and social justice.