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How Genomic Profiling Can Shed Light on Cancer

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This session is intended for Professionals

Just like people, no two cancers are the same. Research has shown that cancer in one person may act and spread quite differently than a similar cancer in another person. This means that cancer treatments may affect two people with the same cancer in different ways. You or your loved one may decide to choose one treatment over another if you knew which one would provide the best outcome. 

Thanks to comprehensive genomic profiling, doctors now have a better understanding of how the cancer can behave differently from patient to patient. By looking at the genomic makeup of a tumour, doctors may be able to identify the distinctions that are causing a patient’s cancer to grow and suggest what next steps might be right in their journey.

Genomic profiling offers a unique way of examining changes in a patient’s DNA that could be causing their cancer to grow. These valuable insights may help physicians develop a more tailored approach to a patient’s care plan.

The objective of this learning session is to inform patients and caregivers about Foundation Medicine services and how they can help inform a patient’s cancer journey. Foundation Medicine is a world-leading molecular insights company, connecting physicians and their patients to the latest cancer treatment approaches and making precision medicine a reality for thousands. This information will help patients and caregivers determine if talking to their doctor about comprehensive genomic profiling with Foundation Medicine is the right next step.

This learning event will help you learn about:

  • What is comprehensive genomic profiling?
  • How might comprehensive genomic profiling with Foundation Medicine services identify distinct alterations that are driving a patient’s cancer to grow and inform next steps in their treatment plan?
  • Which patients may benefit from ordering Foundation Medicine services?
  • What types of information may Foundation Medicine services reveal?
  • What is the process of ordering Foundation Medicine services/what are the available services in Canada?
  • Can public/private reimbursement be obtained for Foundation Medicine services in Canada?

A question period will follow the presentation.

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