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Hoarding: How To Help Your Family

This session is intended for Caregivers

Hoarding is a distressing condition – both for those who have the disorder, but also for the caregivers and family members who provide support to the person who hoards. Caregivers typically report high levels of stress and frustration when dealing with hoarding. They can often be the ones to first seek out support, as the problem or its severity is commonly not recognized by the person who hoards. Hoarding can yield risks to the wellbeing and safety of both the individual with the behavior, as well as others living in the home or providing support.

This webinar can help you to better understand hoarding and assist you to develop strategies to reduce harm and set goals with you family member. In this webinar hosted by VHA Home HealthCare (VHA), you will learn to:

  • Understand why hoarding behaviour is challenging to stop
  • Set realistic goals to improve quality of life and safety
  • Apply harm reduction strategies to create a realistic plan for improvement
  • Tap into community resources

This presentation will include the opportunity for questions.

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  1. Catherine Chater has been practicing as a mental health therapist within the community for over 10 years and is a lead of VHA's hoarding best practices team. She is the co-author of VHA’s Community Hoarding and Clutter Toolkit -- a practical tool which reflect her interest in bringing evidence-based practice into the realities of point of care services. Catherine is an advocate for the delivery of compassionate and effective health services in the community and serves in this capacity through her current role as VHA’s Best Practice Leader for rehab.


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