Money and Finances

How to Lower Health Care Costs – Part 2

This session is intended for Caregivers, Patients, Professionals

Health care costs, co-payments, deductibles, denied insurance claims, HMO, PPO, Affordable Care Act – AHHH!  How can anyone know what is best for themselves and their families when it is all so confusing?  In Part 1 of our two part interview, Michelle Katz, LPN, contributor to ABC news and the author of 3 books, Healthcare for Less,  101 Health Insurance Tips, and Healthcare Made Easy discusses the in’s and out’s of insurance, choosing a provider and plan, and shares tips on how to be your own health care advocate.  In Part 2, Michelle reviews the Affordable Care Act and then offers tips on how to “shop around” for care in order to reduce health – care costs and to avoid debt.

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