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Medication Talk for Caregivers

Have you ever wished you had gone into medicine or become a pharmacist?  For most caregivers, helping someone with medications is stressful and nerve wracking.  You find yourself amidst a variety of medications, sometimes from different physicians and specialists, and all with their own instructions.  It is exactly this kind of situation that the Polypharmacy Risk Reduction Initiative, a joint venture of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health, has been working to remedy.

Join us for this power hour webinar to hear Dr. Keith J. White, the lead for the Polypharmacy Initiative, speak about medications from the caregiver perspective.  In addition to acting as the Physician Lead for the Shared Care Committee Polypharmacy Risk Reduction Initiative, Dr. White has led a variety of medication and patient safety related Quality Improvement initiatives for the past ten years.  His clinical life consisted of 30 years as a Rural Family Physician in Newfoundland and Grand Forks, BC. He has a Fellowship in Rural and Remote Medicine.

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  1. Dr. Keith White, born in Scotland, is the physician lead for BC Shared Care Polypharmacy; a partnership between BC Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC. Dr. White lives with his wife in Kelowna.

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