Mindfulness Everyday: Help for Caregivers

This session is intended for Caregivers, Patients, Professionals, Members of the General Public

Mindfulness is seeing things more clearly, and paying attention moment to moment. When you are mindful, you notice what is happening—as it is happens. This creates a space, a pause in which you can respond considerately to situations, rather than react. Creative possibilities open up; new ways of being with life’s challenges can present themselves.

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when paying attention to the present moment, with non-judgment.

Today, there is a growing interest in mindfulness. Research corroborates the benefits of mindfulness training. The new breakthroughs in neuroscience show that by practicing mindfulness, the brain can be shaped for greater happiness, love, wisdom and greater emotional balance in turbulent times, as well as healthier relationships, more effective actions, and greater peace of mind.

In this webinar facilitated by Sue Hutton, you will learn:

  • About how mindfulness works
  • Mindfulness meditation exercises
  • Effective strategies for coping with difficult caregiving situations
  • About Community resources

The presentation will be followed by a question/answer period.

  1. Sue Hutton has been practicing formal Mindfulness meditation since 1985. Sue has over 20 years experience as a social worker, and has infused her social work practice with mindfulness since the 1990’s, and then focused her post-graduate MSW research on mindfulness. Sue received her professional training in the US in delivery of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Jon Kabat-Zinn in 2007.


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