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Pain BC Relief for Caregivers

Do any of your care recipients live with chronic or persistent aches or  pain? One in five British Columbians do, and chances are your care recipients experience chronic pain in even greater numbers. Chronic pain is not only a symptom of many illnesses and conditions; it’s also a condition and invisible illness in itself. But people suffering from soreness and their caregivers are not alone! Pain BC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people in pain through education, empowerment, and innovation.

This webinar will give caregivers the knowledge, tools and confidence to use Pain BC’s free services and supports for care recipients living with pain. Leah Chang is Pain BC’s Education Lead and creates educational resources for patients and providers using an integrated approach. She’ll give a live demonstration of Live Plan Be, Pain BC’s free, online self-management tool that both patients and family caregivers can use.

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  1. As Pain BC’s Education Lead, Leah Chang, B.Ed., M.A., drives Pain BC's education for people in pain and health care providers. Working with patients, faculty and subject matter experts, she injects innovation and engagement into workshops, webinars, presentations, and multimedia learning resources. Leah brings 15+ years' experience in education and training and a passion for strategic integration of educational technology into online learning and knowledge translation. She’s particularly interested in neuroplasticity and how it relates to both chronic pain management and behaviour change.

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