Health Care

People-Powering Solutions to Better Health and Wellness

This session is intended for Professionals

We believe through our collective wisdom, we can support better individual health and wellness and a stronger, healthier society.

This webinar will be dedicated to sharing new ways healthcare professionals can discover consumers seeking out their health advice and health services through the Huddol collaboration network.

Learn about our vibrant community helping to connect people to the right information at the right time in their health journey.

Here are some exciting benefits we provide to our network of more than 1000 change-making healthcare organizations and professionals:

  • Earning financial rewards for their positive health impact through our ground-breaking collaboration economy;
  • Connecting with our members who can benefit from their support services;
  • Belonging to a health-centric community – sharing your insight and expanding your thought leadership;
  • Networking with other professionals working in health-related fields;
  • Gaining access to our health and wellness marketplace.

Learn about these and other opportunities to grow your professional practice.

Join us in the Huddol community in advance of the webinar!



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  1. Mark Stolow is a seasoned social entrepreneur and change marketer. In 2004 he co-founded The Caregiver Network, which grew into the largest caregiver learning network in the country. His most recent impact initiative is Huddol: a social collaboration network that helps Canadians co-create solutions to human healthcare challenges. For more than 18 years, Mark has helped to inform a more progressive Canadian healthcare agenda through policy and program development, research, and breakthrough communications initiatives.