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Power of Collaboration: You, your members and better health outcomes

The growing trend in healthcare is focused on outcomes-based modelling. That means we evaluate the efficacy of our interventions, programs and services by their impact, not by their delivery. Increasingly funders, donors and other important stakeholders are building their expectations around real, measured outcomes.

In line with this trend is the idea that if we want to maximize impact we need to be creating programs, services, and policies that are for the people and by the people – that is, highly democratized and people powered. We can’t simply build solutions in a vacuum and hope they work when we bring them out into the real world. We need to be building them in partnership with the end beneficiary, co-designing solutions to maximize positive benefits and impacts. Your future as a valued resource depends on optimizing your good intentions and aligning them with your member’s needs.

In this webinar, the Huddol team will talk about how they’ve created a platform that fosters co-creation, co-operation, and collaboration to provide organizations with a digital resource to:
-Foster meaningful dialogue and participatory healthcare solutions and modelling with your members and partners;
-Collaborate among each other to maximize return on social and financial impact;
-Measure the quality of your impact on your members;
-Support your financial sustainability.

If you’re thinking about how your organization engages, activates and learns with its members, then this event is not to be missed.

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  1. Mark Stolow is a seasoned social entrepreneur and change marketer. In 2004 he co-founded The Caregiver Network, which grew into the largest caregiver learning network in the country. His most recent impact initiative is Huddol: a social collaboration network that helps Canadians co-create solutions to human healthcare challenges. For more than 18 years, Mark has helped to inform a more progressive Canadian healthcare agenda through policy and program development, research, and breakthrough communications initiatives.

  1. Adriana Aguilar is the Director of Engagement at Huddol. Adriana’s role is to help caregivers, patients and healthcare professionals navigate and better understand the Huddol platform. Passionate about health science and health care, Adriana is committed to helping caregivers and patients find their voice through Huddol.