Keep Calm and Caregive On: Respite and the joys of caregiving

We all know that providing care for a loved one can be difficult. Even if we might be happy to help a friend or family member in need, caregiving can still take its toll.  It can be physically demanding causing body tension and pain. It can also be emotionally draining led by the stress of seeing the person you care for deteriorate. With an overflowing plate of newfound responsibilities, caregivers are kept running with – seemingly – little time to rest. Despite this, caregivers continue providing care.

Keep calm and caregive on … sounds counterintuitive, right? Caregivers can often overlook two important points – both of which can make the job of helping and supporting an ill or aging senior much easier and more enjoyable.

Join author, Rick Lauber, for his Huddol webinar, as he discusses the crucial concepts of taking respite (or including some type of personal escape from caregiving) and finding joy in caregiving.  Respite provides people with a short period of relief of their daily struggles or stressors. Taking time for yourself will allow you to improve your mental and physical wellness to make you ready to get back in the caregiving game. Finding the joys in caregiving may take some time; however, these are not completely invisible.

Rick is a former co-caregiver for his own parents (his mother had Parkinson’s disease and Leukemia while his father had Alzheimer’s disease). During his own caregiving journey, Rick learned first-hand about the value of respite and experienced many joys as well. Rick will remind listening caregivers how vital taking respite and finding joy are. Rick will also share some joys of caregiving – many of which he personally experienced. Caregivers must learn to take care of themselves along with taking care of a loved one. Caregivers must also allow themselves to live and relax as well.

Following the webinar, participants will have a solid understanding of the power of respite – along with ideas of how to practice self-care. Participants will also realize that caregivers can allow themselves to smile, laugh, and personally grow in many ways whilst providing care.

There will be a question period at the end of the presentation.

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  1. Rick Lauber is a published book author and an established freelance writer. Lauber has written two books, Caregiver’s Guide for Canadians and The Successful Caregiver’s Guide (both published by Self-Counsel Press) as valuable resources for prospective, new, and current caregivers. Both of Lauber’s books are based on his own co-caregiving experience (his mother had Parkinson’s disease and Leukemia while his father had Alzheimer’s disease). He is also very pleased to have been twice-selected as a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul: It’s Christmas! and Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat). Lauber has also served, on a voluntary basis, on the Board of Directors for Caregivers Alberta.