Senior Care

Sexual Violence and Older Adults – Enhancing social response

This session is intended for Caregivers, Professionals

The issue of sexual violence and its impact on older adults is often over-looked and unrecognized. As with all sexual violence the response of caregivers, professionals and society at large greatly impacts the long-term effects upon the individual.   Meeting the needs of older adult victims is crucial in determining health and knowing how to respond is essential.  

This session will provide an overview of the growing prevalence of sexual violence later in life, specifically for individuals 55 and over.

Presentation will include:

  1. Overview of the complex issue of sexual violence
  2. Societal responses and the impact on the victim
  3. What to look for when working with older adults
  4. Barriers to disclosure
  5. Critical social responses – response based practice

The presentation will be followed by a question/answer period.

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  1. Deborah Hollins has been a practicing social worker for 30 years working in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault and with marginalized people. For the last 5 years her work has focused on working with Seniors, currently working from and with a positive social response model, which enhances resiliency and focuses on the dignity of the individual. She is currently the Executive Director of Nanaimo Family Life Association, an organization dedicated to community health offering services for youth, individuals, families and seniors.


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