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The first Tuesday of April is known as National Caregivers Day. It is an opportunity to educate and raise awareness among all Canadians about the outstanding contribution caregivers make to our nation and their caring roles. A caregiver is a person who takes on a caring role to support someone with a diminishing physical ability, a debilitating cognitive condition or a chronic life-limiting illness.

In celebration of 2018 National Caregivers Day, the Technology that Cares conference brings together caregivers, leading technologists, product developers, researchers, and policy makers to talk about how we are leveraging innovative technology to support a better future for caregivers in Canada. It is a half day online event, April 3 from 11 AM – 3 PM EDT that will proceed through four parts with connected themes.

Event Flow

11 AM-1:15 PM EDT – Part 1 – Technology Solutions

Discover the latest digital products and services that are designed to help Canadians navigate the care experience. Companies will showcase their technology solutions.

Featured products and solutions:

Trioova – Designed for caregivers and families, Troova simplifies healthcare communication and collaboration within care teams.

Onist – Helping families stay connected around their finances.

Mount Sinai Reitman Centre / Dementia Talk App – Dementia caregivers can track and respond to changing behaviours at home and connecting caregivers with their circle of care.

SafeTracks – Personal GPS emergency communication devices for those at-risk of falls and wandering.

Elizz – Through a unique combination of caregivers services, in-home care support, and virtual health, Elizz is here to help caregivers succeed in their journey.

MavenCare – Personalized home care services with convenience and transparency to keep seniors safe and independent at home.

MyMemm – Improve quality of life for families affected by dementia by helping them be more connected, preserve their stories, and enjoy personalized care wherever they are.

1:15 PM-1:55 PM EDT – Part 2 – Research

What is research telling us about what caregivers need in the digital realm? How are we involving caregivers in the discovery and product development process? Leading Canadian researchers share their discoveries and insights.

Featured speakers:

Jacquie Eales, Assistive Technology that Cares for the Caregiver, University of Alberta

Jen Boger, CARE-RATE, University of Waterloo

Myles Leslie, Developing user-centred digital supports for care networks that provide care for elders: a co-design approach, University of Calgary

1:55 PM-2:25 PM EDT – Part 3 – Policy

How do we create a policy platform in Canada that supports the development of digital innovations in the caregiver support space? Policy experts describe the Canadian landscape, how far we’ve come, and the roads still untraveled.]

Featured speakers:

Gord Turner, Operations Manager, CareLink Advantage, Partner of Carers Canada

Janet Fast, Research on Ageing, Policies & Practice, University of Alberta

2:25 PM-3:15 PM EDT – Part 4 – Panel discussion

From ethics, to digital literacy, to public/private collaboration, our panel of experts wrestle with some of the tougher caregiver focused digital challenges. Participants are welcome to join the discussion.

Featured Panelists:

Ron Beleno, Caregiver

Joe Dee, Director of Cossette Health

Kevin Taylor, Manager, SVX

Rosalie Wang, Co-lead Ethics projects, University of Toronto

Space is limited. You can join for the entire conference or just specific parts of interest.

This conference is being developed in partnership with:

U of A and RAPP

Age Well and Carers Canada

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  1. Mark Stolow is the Founder and CEO of Huddol. He has helped to shape the Canadian caregiver agenda through policy and program development, research, breakthrough communications initiatives and the development of innovative technologies. Mark will be facilitating the Technology That Cares Conference.