Things to Know on the Caregiving Journey

Do you wonder how you got here?  Did your caregiving role start out small and keep growing?  Do you wish you had known what you know now at the beginning?  Do you wonder what you still don’t know?

No matter where you are in the caregiving journey, this webinar has information designed to assist you.  It will outline specific topics that cover the caregiving journey from beginning to end, some of which may help you identify areas you need to explore in more detail.  From practical considerations around the possible need for financial and legal arrangements to informing oneself about medications, support services and housing options, Maureen Grant will provide tips about how to get organized and outline the benefits of setting goals.  In addition, she will touch on the important topics of life balance, grief and loss and self care.

Maureen is a seasoned social worker with wide ranging experience from acute to community care including mental health, brain injury, rehabilitation, specialized geriatric services and complex care.  Maureen has been partnering with Family Caregivers of BC for over 11 years to share her knowledge about caregiving.

Join us for this “power hour” webinar designed to prepare you to care, no matter where you are in the caregiving journey.

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  1. Maureen Grant has been working with seniors since she started her Social Work practice in 1981. She worked in Home and Community Care programs for 24 years in a variety of management and front line positions and has a wide range of experience in Acute Care including Mental Health, Specialized Geriatric Services, Brain Injury Programs, Complex Care and Rehabilitation. Maureen has been writing articles, teaching workshops and doing webinars and presentations on senior’s issues for the Family Caregivers of BC for the past 11 years.

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