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I Think My Parents Are In Trouble: Mom, dad and the ageing process

There comes a time when you realize that your parents have crossed a threshold into a new way of being in the world. The experience of ageing is changing them; their personalities are shifting and they’re starting to behave differently. You may be feeling concerned or even alarmed by what you’re witnessing. Is this typical change that comes with time and new experiences or are these age related challenges that can point to a more serious health problem?

In this webinar we’ll talk candidly with Stephanie Erickson, Family Caregiving Expert, about her decades of professional practice working with adult children concerned with the well being of their parents. Some of the more pressing topics we’ll be talking about include:

-Is there a memory problem or cognitive issue or am I overreacting?

-How do I know when my parents need help with decision making?

-What to do when family members resist receiving help from you or someone else?

We’ll also connect with some of Stephanie’s recent work on the power of language to help shift our perception of the caregiving experience- how do we create opportunity from adversity when life takes an unexpected turn?

Participants will be able to ask Stephanie questions and get answers to their more pressing concerns.

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  1. Mark Stolow is the President of The Caregiver Network. He co-founded the organization in 2004 and has helped to grow it into the largest tele-learning Network in Canada in support of family caregivers. Over the last 15 years he has helped to shape the Canadian caregiver agenda through policy and program development, research, and breakthrough communications initiatives.

  1. Stephanie Erickson, clinical social worker has had the honor of assisting families who were struggling with balancing their caregiving responsibilities, work, and their own family obligations. Stephanie is passionate about encouraging families to have proactive conversations about caregiving and counsels her families to establish a team approach to planning and intervening when supporting an aging relative.

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