“A” Tips to Excel as a Family Caregiver

The challenges related to providing care for an aging, frail or chronically ill family member can leave you feeling at a loss and helpless but if you act with awareness in a manner that improves living with your circumstances, you are more likely to move forward stronger.

The objective of this webinar is to strengthen caregiver resiliency, raising awareness that you hold the controls and can influence caregiving outcomes through the actions you take and the tools you use. If you take positive actions using effective coping tools, you will have positive outcomes, not only affecting your ability to provide care but also affecting your well-being.

In this webinar, Eleanor Silverberg will describe the use of the 3-A “selfie” coping tool she developed that is featured in her recent book Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity. In doing so, a few relevant themes of the book will be highlighted to show how self-monitoring with self-awareness can improve your caregiving experience, addressing adversity and loss using the 3-A action words of the 3-A coping tool: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist.

The highlighted themes that will be explained include

  • Connecting: Acknowledging Supports and Utilizing Resources
  • Making Change: Assessing Flexibility and Transitions to be Made to Cope Better
  • Embracing Joy: Assisting by Raising Awareness of Enjoyment as a Strategy for Better Coping

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and interact. Do not miss this enlightening event!


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  1. Eleanor Silverberg is a social worker, grief specialist and managing director of Jade Self Development Coaching Inc. She provides self-development coaching for care providers of the chronically ill, assisting them to strengthen resiliency and prevent burnout. Eleanor offers individual and group sessions, applying and training in using her innovative 3-A Approach as a grief-processing method and self-monitoring coping tool. The 3-A Approach she developed is featured in both her books Keeping It Together and Caregiving with Strength.

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