Money and Finances

How to Triumph over Taxes, for Caregivers, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

While finances can be a major concern when faced with disease, there are ways to lighten that load. It is important to keep well informed and know what condition-specific resources are available to you in your region.

Hosted by Parkinson Québec and presented by the Canada Revenue Agency, this webinar will provide key tax information to help seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers get the most out of their money.

During the webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • Income Splitting
  • RRSP versus TFSA
  • Medical fees
  • Disability Tax Credit and Amount,
  • Amount for caregivers
  • The different payment methods offered.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the webinar.

  1. Janet Avery has more than 5 years of experience with the Canada Revenue Agency. She was a Taxpayer Service and Collection Agent. Since 2015, she has provided training on tax information to self-employed workers, incorporated businesses and individuals.


  1. I am have been receiving long term disability, which has been a benefit through my employer. The insurance company had me supply for Canada Pension Disability and I was accepted. Canada Pension Disability then reimbursed the Insurance company close to $20,000. This amount would was to reimburse the insurance for what they would have contributed for the 12 months before. In doing this, I would like to know how to file my income tax for 2016, because it will appear I didn’t pay tax for 6 months of 2015 and 6 months of 2016 – but I did through the insurance all along. Do I ask for a reassessment of 2015, prior to filing for 2016? If so, how do I do that? If not, what am I to do to get the information clear when I file 2016. I am worried because I don’t want a big tax bill, both because it will surly aggravate my medical condition, but also because I cannot afford to pay, until it is worked out in the meantime.

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