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Are We Violating the Human Rights of Family Caregivers?

This session is intended for Caregivers, Professionals, Members of the General Public

Canada’s Charter of Human Rights ensures the basic rights of all its citizens. Many believe that asking caregivers to do 80% of all the care necessary to support a sick loved one infringes on those rights as it can jeopardize their financial and social welfare and their protection under the law.

With more than 8 million caregivers in Canada and those numbers steeply on the rise, a conversation about caregiver rights has important significance for the future of the caregiver movement, health care systems, and workplaces.

In this important webinar event, Nancy Guberman, Caregiver Researcher, and Lucy Barylak, Caregiver Expert, will talk about their ground breaking research into the topic and tell you why they believe your fundamental rights as a citizen and caregiver aren’t being respected.


  1. Lucy Barylak has a Master’s degree in Social Work from McGill University. She is presently working as a consultant for the University Affiliated Centre of the CSSS Cavendish. Lucy is responsible for the coordination of research, teaching, leadership, publishing, and transference of knowledge for Caregiver Support, Mental Health for the Elderly, Prevention and Health Promotion for the Elderly, Elder Abuse and Palliative Care. As well, Lucy manages the Innovative Practice Grant program for CREGES, a research centre for excellence in social gerontology. In addition to these responsibilities, she is on the steering committee of the Canadian Caregiver Coalition, which is involved in policy change at the federal level. She is involved in various research projects and has published numerous articles related to caregiving issues. She has lectured at several Universities and Colleges on innovative approaches to caregiving and presents annually at international and national gerontology conferences.

  1. Nancy Guberman is a retired professor of Social Work who has been involved in research and activism on caregiving issues for over 25 years. She is particularly interested in social policy around care and front-line practice with caregivers. She has published several books and articles and participated in numerous documentaries and conferences on these subjects. With colleagues she developed the CARE Tool that helps practitioners understand the global situation of the caregivers they work with.

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