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Virtual Health - Improving health care

Virtual Health can include everything from taking online payments and bookings to connecting with your clients/patients to messaging, video sessions and media sharing!

Integrating Virtual Health into your life doesn’t mean ALL health has to be done remotely. Some things are just better in person (like visiting a chiropractor)! But, a lot of mundane tasks (like payments and appointment booking) can be taken care of online, without you even having to pick up the phone. Magical, right?

Consultations, Patient/Client Monitoring, Follow-Ups. These are all things that often involve arduous processes with room for error. The client has to get to the clinic and remember to bring their health information and then wait in the waiting room, appointments are missed due to bad weather or traffic, time has to be taken off work… I could go on forever.

Fortunately, virtual health creates the opportunity to access care without it completely disrupting your life. And the result? Reduced time lost to travel and waiting, reduced costs, increased efficiency for professionals, improved patient experiences and even better outcomes. It can even increase an individual’s ability to confidently navigate their health circumstances.

Join us to explore the crucial impact virtual health will have, the doors it opens and what it means for health across Canada (and beyond).

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  1. Raye Willms is the VP Health Markets for Trioova, a virtual health clinic for health professionals across nearly all disciplines. We give them all the tools they need to bring their health practice online, simply. Raye has in-depth knowledge about telehealth, virtual care, access to care and how it can impact an individual’s life in a positive way. Her background in a healthcare heavy field resulted in a passion for healthcare, particularly for the simple accessibility of health for caregivers, patients, healthcare professionals and other individuals that strive to live a healthy life.

  1. Tammy has over 20 years of experience in the helping profession and has experienced life as a front-line worker, counsellor/therapist and manager. Tammy has a Master of Social Work and is currently the manager of fifty-nine school social work staff. Tammy’s counselling practice is centered on relationships and she uses a variety of modalities in the work that she does to support youth, adults and seniors. Tammy has a passion for working with Indigenous people and is the co-creator of The Leadership Voice, a leadership workshop series for human service agencies.